About me…

Hey there…thanks for checking out my website.  I retired in July 2014 after 30+ years working in the public sector as a Human Resources professional.  Long days, lots of drama, unions, employee issues, and more.  So now what do I do with my time?  I’ve been doing whatever I want…lol…

I am a lifelong volunteer…I have two home based businesses that allow me the freedom to play when I want…I am a mom of an adult daughter and since marrying the love of my life in May 2015, I now have two stepdaughters and gained three grandchildren.  My husband and I enjoy all things outdoors…we hike, we love the beach, we enjoy taking our waverunner out, we have annual passes to Mouseland and go pretty regularly and generally try to do something different every weekend.

I am also a certified health coach which is keeping me more accountable on my journey!  And I’m learning every day!!  So let’s learn together!  Through this blog, I will share what I am learning and offer ideas for you to try.  I just recently got certified as a health coach and am working on my business plan for that.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

I am a raving fan of Juice Plus and am part of the JP+ team of distributors.  I will take Juice Plus for the rest of my life and will share more about that along this journey.  I am 59 years old and have never felt healthier in my life.  Since taking Juice Plus (starting Feb 2014) I have not been sick nor had a sick visit to the doctor in that time frame.  In addition, my doctor took me off my cholesterol medication AND I reduced my triglycerides level from 260 in Nov 2012 to 115 in February 2015.

So again, thank you for following my journey.  I look forward to sharing more with you and hope that if even one thing I say resonates with you to encourage you to make even one simple change, I count that as a success!


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