Time to get real…

It’s time to get real folks!  What does that mean for you?  For me, it means getting back on the wagon and my healthy habits.  I started my journey in 2014…sadly, I did not make my goal of losing the extra pounds in the year I gave myself so it’s time to get real and back on track!  Gotta “Shake It Off” so for me, that means one to two shakes per day of my Juice Plus+ Complete with a healthy meal and two healthy snacks, keep up water intake, and at least 30 minutes of activity 3-4 times per week.  Easy peasy right?  Well, not so much at times.  You see, I love food!  And my weakness is bread and sweets!  Oh how I wish I didn’t like these so much!!  So I am on a mission…getting back to my healthy habits, finding healthy alternatives to the foods I love and pushing myself to do the workouts I know my body needs!

The main thing is, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  There is never the perfect time so now is the time to get down to business and put the tips I learned in my health coach certification classes to work in my life.  Who’s with me??  Let’s take this journey together and share our journey with one another and provide the support we all need to succeed!

To start – I need to start logging my food and exercise.  I use the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. It’s easy to use and has a very robust library of foods showing the nutrition information, serving sizes and calories.  I have it synced with my FitBit so it also tracks my steps and calories burned.  Its easy to get off track but for me, I have to stay on that train!  Using this app starting in 2014, I lost 40 pounds.  When I’m not as diligent in logging my food and activity, I easily put it back on.

What is your best method to help you stay on track?  It’s not the same for everyone.  The method that is best for you is the one you will actually do!  Same for any food plan, the best one is the one you’ll follow.  I call it a lifestyle, not a diet.  Diets don’t work in my opinion.  We don’t stick with it and as soon as we reach our goal, we revert to our prior habits and gain it all back, and usually more.  So look at it as a lifestyle change.  And give yourself some grace…some call it a cheat day or a cheat meal.  If you are craving something, chances are you’ll keep eating something until that craving is satisfied.  So allow yourself to indulge, just limit what you have.  For me, usually just a bite of something will do it.  Not always though.  So in those cases, I allow myself the indulgence and then move on.

Life happens…Enjoy it!…Live it!


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